Thursday, November 13, 2008

On a brighter note

I'm definitely feeling like I'm back to my old self! :) Do you know what I did the other day? I arranged a date!! :) :) It was so much fun to connect two people. And, honestly, two people I haven't personally seen in years -- but I actually think it could be good. At the very least they should have a good time. :)

What the heck??

No luck on the church front, yet. I'm considering starting my own. I went to a Presbyterian church last week. His "sermon" outline went like this:
A. Talk about my grandson's near death experience from when he was born
B. Relate that to how it made me think about family, faith and church
C. Personal story about family
D. Personal story about faith
E. Personal story about church
F. Read the book, "Before you were born"
G. Give God the glory for my crappy sermon

Honestly. What is going on in the church??????? When is church personal feel good time? What's the point of showing up? I can get personal feel good from watching a sappy movie. And, I can stay home curled up in my pajamas for that.

To his credit, he read a Psalm before he started his talk. Bless his heart.

What is it going to take for the Church to just preach the truth? What could be better than hearing about God's grace -- and the power of an almighty God? What could be a better reason for getting up on a Sunday morning and getting dressed than to be fed with meat from God's Word. I don't understand why we have to water it down!!! And, why should I settle for anything less than the energizing power of the truth?