Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Is anyone else confused? We live in a country that celebrates freedom. That gets angry when our civil liberties are threatened. When "big brother" listens in on our conversations to prevent terrorism (I don't like it either, mind you), when congress bails out big business, etc., we kick and we scream.

And, yet, if you watch the news -- I know, it's depressing. Obama is the McHero of the presidential election -- and all we can be sure of is that the government will get bigger -- which can only serve to decrease our freedoms. Why knowingly give up control to the government??

I don't get it.

Please understand, I don't like John McCain. Never have. But, at least, with a democratic congress his crazy ideas will be held in check. And, he's not openly telling the world -- I'm going to make the government as powerful as I possibly can.

And, Obama's failure to acknowledge that he's a socialist. Of course, he's a socialist! He's the very definition of a socialist!!!! Power to the people -- was the reason we had a tea party in Boston. It's the reason our forefathers risked their lives to start this country. So, how -- somebody please explain it to me -- how can we in good conscience vote someone into office who threatens to destroy the very foundation of this country? (And, don't get me started about his buddies Pelosi and Franks . . . )

Friday, October 24, 2008


It's amazing how quiet my life gets when there really is no drama. It's like I went on this big trip. Came home. Had a big meltdown. And, then . . . . quiet.

I think there are actually days when I wonder if I'm okay, just because things seem to have settled into such normalcy. :)

I had a lovely time with my friend, Erin last weekend. Just about the only girl I know who actually gets a rockin' body when she's pregnant. She goes from cute and petite to perfectly proportioned curvy. Down right sexy when she's pregnant -- go figure.

Anyway, Erin's due November 13 with baby #2 (name TBA, but we do know it's a girl). It was big fun to hang out with her and Paxton. What a cute kid. When something is funny, he says, "Achoo. Funny. Achoo." Ha!

Again, just a great time to be normal and relax. I would show you pictures, but for some reason my camera's SD card went bad -- and I lost them all. They were cute, too. Major bummer!

I'm learning to find God in this quiet. To trust that just because the drama seems to have disappeared -- He hasn't. That He will continue to show me who He is -- even without the "shock and awe".

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Dad Rocks

I love this from my Dad yesterday. "I have my daughter back. My wife has her daughter back. My daughter has her sister back. Her friends have their friend back. And, no, I won't pray for that to change."

Just an update

Just a quick update on the regular day-in-day-outs. I have accepted a new position as an Executive Recruiter for WorldBridge Partners. Sounds impressive, huh? Basically, I look to match engineers in the medical device industry with medical device companies looking for engineers.

Two weeks in, and, so far, so good. I like not driving. I like having regular working hours. But, with new graces, comes added accountability -- like no more excuses for not working out, making friends, getting involved in my community, etc. (Incidentally, if you happen to know engineers in medical devices, you can always send them my way! :))

I went to my first church event on a week night since . . . well, since a really long time ago. I didn't really find what I was looking for -- but that was not the point. That was Monday. Tomorrow morning, it's up early and at least an ab workout. Although, it hasn't been THAT long since I had a regular workout routine -- just longer than I would like.

I get to visit Erin Marshall this weekend (she's 8 months along -- and ready to pop!!) in Arkansas. Then, it's a focused effort to find a church HOME.

Now, if I can just maintain the disciplines of a workout and regular church, it will be simply a matter of finding a community activity that I enjoy -- and I will be well on the road to balanced.

Cross your fingers . . . ;0

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sovereign, not surprised

Grieving sucks. Really.

Now, after 3 weeks with people, I fully understand that I'm not the only one grieving. But, it still sucks.

What I know for sure after this weekend is that I am an absolute nutbag! A wack job! A looney toon! (Do you hear the funny farm sirens -- they're headed my way!)

The good news is this: as my friend Mike Garty says, "the King is sovereign, not surprised."

Thank You God for knowing exactly how we're wired. For your compassion. For seeing us through our grief. For holding us as we work it out.