Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cheri Lyn Novak

It's been a little while since my last post. And, let me just say a LOT has happened! I mean, a LOT has happened! I have a new name! I married Mark Novak, Jr. on December 20, 2011. If you recognize his name, that's because I featured him in a post about family. Apparently, Char knew before we did.

Now, I have added to my amazing family a husband, a daughter and more aunts, uncles and cousins than you can shake a stick at. The ceremony was a quiet one at home. Then, we celebrated this summer with a vow renewal ceremony along Lake Michigan and a tented party in the back of our humble home. It was so fun!

 Char had a great time getting to know her new cousins, Hannah and Grace. She got to meet Aunt Cheli and Grandmommy and Papa. Getting to know each other takes time, but the girls had it figured out in no time.

I purchased a home in Whitefish Bay after Mark and I started dating. We have stripped it down and remodeled it to make our two-bedroom, 1950's saltbox into a home for three.

 Oh, and I have a new job, too. Well, I have had a few jobs since I left Sears. But, I am now happily working for Home Depot, while I take on some sales training jobs on the side.

 As you can see, God continues to dump blessings on me. I know he is dumping blessings on you, too, even if we have to look for them sometimes.