Friday, February 6, 2009

The Shack

So, I finally read The Shack. Apparently, there's some controversy about the book. But, if you've read it. I'd be interested in your feedback. (And, not how badly written the book is -- that goes with out saying -- I'm going for concepts here . . .)

How did you the author's picture of the Trinity compare with your theological understanding?
What did you think about the author's comments on the church?
What was your response when the main character opened the door to the shack?
How do you feel about the author's explanation of Christ as fully God and fully man?

There's no wrong answers here. I've just heard about the controversy -- and I'd like to understand it . . .


Corey said...

Let's try this again. I don't think I'll be reading this book anytime soon. I started attending a small group at that mega church I told you about; it's a group calibrated for "restarters and returners". Well, it rekindled my desire to scratch my eyes out and run as far from these people as I can get.

I am however starting Blue Like Jazz. Post discussion questions about that one and I'll play along.

Cheri Armstrong said...

Thanks for being brave enough to comment! I know there are a lot of people who read this (God, bless their hearts), but say nothing. (They're stalkers.)

I'm proud of you for going to a small group. It's always an adventure! Sorry you had a bad experience. I'm not sure that the small group thing would be your gig. But, I bet you find some folks in that church who are like-minded -- if you start by getting involved with things that you like to do. (Like drink beer and listen to Brennan. ;0)