Saturday, August 23, 2008

The center

Okay, so I know I am not perfect. I know that God knows that I can and will fail miserably. But, I do get frustrated with my inability to constantly be holy and perfect -- especially when He is just so good to me.

These past two weeks have been amazing! We've been running our big "friends and family" sale at Sears. Usually it's a great time to make money, because our prices are so low. However, sometimes the sale is a bust. Anyway, this last two weeks, I've sold 70% of my appointments. The average is 20%!! Unbelievable. God has absolutely been looking out for my every need.

I feel like my response to Him is not enough. And, of course, it never will be. So, again, I rest in His grace. God is soooo good. And, I don't deserve it.

I am so helplessly dependent on God for my physical needs. Like a teenager who can't wait to grow up, sometimes, I want to hurry past this financially dependent stage. But, it's right here -- in the center of his protection and care and grace -- that I come to know his personal attention to me. Who else knows exactly what I need and when I need it? How much more loved and cared for does it really get? What better reminder of his care for me could I possibly want?

It is now that He is resetting the foundation for His personal, direct care for me in the small things. When bigger issues come around, these touchstones will serve as a reminder that I am ALWAYS in the center of His love.

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