Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Is anyone else confused? We live in a country that celebrates freedom. That gets angry when our civil liberties are threatened. When "big brother" listens in on our conversations to prevent terrorism (I don't like it either, mind you), when congress bails out big business, etc., we kick and we scream.

And, yet, if you watch the news -- I know, it's depressing. Obama is the McHero of the presidential election -- and all we can be sure of is that the government will get bigger -- which can only serve to decrease our freedoms. Why knowingly give up control to the government??

I don't get it.

Please understand, I don't like John McCain. Never have. But, at least, with a democratic congress his crazy ideas will be held in check. And, he's not openly telling the world -- I'm going to make the government as powerful as I possibly can.

And, Obama's failure to acknowledge that he's a socialist. Of course, he's a socialist! He's the very definition of a socialist!!!! Power to the people -- was the reason we had a tea party in Boston. It's the reason our forefathers risked their lives to start this country. So, how -- somebody please explain it to me -- how can we in good conscience vote someone into office who threatens to destroy the very foundation of this country? (And, don't get me started about his buddies Pelosi and Franks . . . )


Cheli said...

You go, girl!

Corey said...

This will probably annoy you but... Government retracted under the last Democratic administration; under Comrade Bush government swelled as did spending (even if we exclude the military budget).

I'm not sure there's any evidence that a President McCain would shrink the govt any more than a President Obama. I think there's good reason to suspect that a President McCain will be less tolerant of Civil Liberties than a President Obama. (I get that from the folks at Reason.com, a libertarian group).

As for me, I'm writing in Jack Black for Prez.

Cheri Armstrong said...

Trust me, I'm not happy with Bush's spending habits. And, I don't like McCain, either. But, Obama is not Clinton -- and he's openly admitting to increasing the size of government. Without Congress in check -- it just seems that voters are voting emotionally. The Pied Piper is playing a sweet tune, I guess.