Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just an update

Just a quick update on the regular day-in-day-outs. I have accepted a new position as an Executive Recruiter for WorldBridge Partners. Sounds impressive, huh? Basically, I look to match engineers in the medical device industry with medical device companies looking for engineers.

Two weeks in, and, so far, so good. I like not driving. I like having regular working hours. But, with new graces, comes added accountability -- like no more excuses for not working out, making friends, getting involved in my community, etc. (Incidentally, if you happen to know engineers in medical devices, you can always send them my way! :))

I went to my first church event on a week night since . . . well, since a really long time ago. I didn't really find what I was looking for -- but that was not the point. That was Monday. Tomorrow morning, it's up early and at least an ab workout. Although, it hasn't been THAT long since I had a regular workout routine -- just longer than I would like.

I get to visit Erin Marshall this weekend (she's 8 months along -- and ready to pop!!) in Arkansas. Then, it's a focused effort to find a church HOME.

Now, if I can just maintain the disciplines of a workout and regular church, it will be simply a matter of finding a community activity that I enjoy -- and I will be well on the road to balanced.

Cross your fingers . . . ;0

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