Friday, October 24, 2008


It's amazing how quiet my life gets when there really is no drama. It's like I went on this big trip. Came home. Had a big meltdown. And, then . . . . quiet.

I think there are actually days when I wonder if I'm okay, just because things seem to have settled into such normalcy. :)

I had a lovely time with my friend, Erin last weekend. Just about the only girl I know who actually gets a rockin' body when she's pregnant. She goes from cute and petite to perfectly proportioned curvy. Down right sexy when she's pregnant -- go figure.

Anyway, Erin's due November 13 with baby #2 (name TBA, but we do know it's a girl). It was big fun to hang out with her and Paxton. What a cute kid. When something is funny, he says, "Achoo. Funny. Achoo." Ha!

Again, just a great time to be normal and relax. I would show you pictures, but for some reason my camera's SD card went bad -- and I lost them all. They were cute, too. Major bummer!

I'm learning to find God in this quiet. To trust that just because the drama seems to have disappeared -- He hasn't. That He will continue to show me who He is -- even without the "shock and awe".

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