Monday, September 15, 2008

Home is where?

The two most emotional words in the English language: Mom and Home.

I was challenged on Friday to identify home. I've often had a "if you don't like it, you can change your mind" attitude. But, perhaps, it's time to make a decision and put down roots. I've never thought of myself as a commitment phobe. But, maybe I am.

Now as a single adult, I have freedom. I'm not tied to putting food on the table for a man who sits around and plays video games all day. I can do anything I want. I have the flexibility to change my mind. But, maybe part of becoming a whole adult is establishing my own home. Maybe I make a bigger impact on the world if I commit to a community and to the people around me. Rather than flitting about in undecided turmoil.

Mom said to me the other night, "we create our environment." That's true. So, my happiness or contentedness is dependent on me -- and the choices I make.

As I'm writing, I'm thinking this is commonsense. But, when the slate is clean and the options are endless, where do you start? I have this enormous opportunity -- but, how do I get my arms around it all just so I can embrace it?


Cheli said...

Somewhere I read the phrase: "Sometimes you have to paint your own rainbows." I think this idea relates somehow.

Cheri Armstrong said...

I like that. I think I'm going to start. As we all know, God painted rainbows before our homosexual friends tried to take it over. So, I can feel very secure in my new pursuit. :) Now, if anyone asks me what I'm doing, I'm just going to tell them I'm painting rainbows.