Saturday, September 6, 2008

Made for each other

Thanks to Cindy for reminding me that we ARE made for community. :) We don't live in a bubble do we? But, sometimes, hiding out seems safer than sticking our toe in a larger pond.

I had the privilege today, of meeting a marine reservist Sgt. Michael Rands from the Fox Company 2nd battalion here in Wisconsin. They just arrived on Wisconsin soil two weeks ago from Iraq to the open arms of friends and family.

Michael returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq. His mother, Susan, and I worked together at Brookstone Homes. And, I've walked with Susan through each deployment, although this was my first opportunity to meet Michael. Michael also met his new baby girl, Adison when he came home -- and I had the opportunity to meet her today, too.

I was surrounded today for exactly 90 minutes by people who love Susan and Michael. All of their friends and family. And, I must say, it made me homesick for my own. I left with the old "not feeling well" excuse -- and bawled the whole way home. (In fact, I'm still crying as I type. (I am going to have one major headache tomorrow!!!!) For all of my big talk about sticking it out till I'm healthy, I miss doing life with the people I love!!! :)

Coupled with the current goings on at work, maybe this signals a need for change -- or maybe just a long vacation. I guess we'll find out soon . . .

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