Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mixed emotions

Politics aside, I am enormously proud that this country could demonstrate how democracy can work with a peaceful exchange of power. I'm not naiive enough to think that there may have been "acting as if" moments on everyone's part. But, the fact that two diametrically opposed viewpoints and opinions could work together to pull off a well orchestrated inauguration day is powerful.

I am proud to be an American.

I am proud that this country has put an end to racial glass ceilings. I was moved by Jim Brown's interview on Fox News when he said, "there are no more excuses." I pray that those individuals (from both sides) who's words and actions may attempt to perpetuate racial divide will be silenced.

I was not proud of those who chose to boo the man -- and, thus, the office -- that has kept them safe for 8 years. But, the fact that we live in a country where dissenters can voice their opinion without retaliation gives me pause.

I am grateful for the military men and women who cheered the incoming President while voicing their heartfelt thanks for their former Commander in Chief.

I was impressed by Rick Warren's prayer which was inclusive but pointedly Christ-centered.

I am concerned about the future of issues like abortion, socialism, Palestinian-Israeli relations and an unbridled Senate. I keep hoping that Obama will lean to the center, but his first day does not give evidence of that.

In the midst of all of this is opportunity. Opportunity to grow in our faith. Opportunity for us to engage in the political system. Opportunity to articulate what we believe and become participants in the democratic process.

A painful 4 years seems inevitable, yet I have the audacity to hope that through the pain this country will wake up from a deep sleep and its people will reclaim responsibility for themselves.

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Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Amen and amen.

Scott and I were talking this week that it MAY take something huge like the FOC Act for people to actually care again.