Monday, January 26, 2009

Winds of Change

Well, it's official. I am moving to the land of cowboys, aligators, fresh citrus -- and the Rat.


The mixed emotions continue. I am excited about the opportunities. I am thankful to be supported by my mom and dad. I am frightened to take this next step. I know that it is the right decision. Yet, I'm so sad to leave some of my dearest friends. In fact, in some ways I am scared to leave them, because while I don't have the vast network of friends I am accustomed to building, the relationships are deep -- and have only deepened with the tragedy of the divorce. They have seen the uglies.

I officially quit my job today. I have a part-time job to keep me busy while I pack up. I am heading south around the middle of March. And, I hope to lose about 15 pounds in the process. The exact next step is in the works, but not official, so I will hold off on the details.

In the meantime, I'm happy not to be making 100 phone calls a day. And, I am thankful for God's financial protection and provision.

I will appreciate your continued prayers for the transition and healing process. As always, I am very blessed.

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