Saturday, July 26, 2008

The 9th commandment

Okay. Seriously. Does anyone else get tired of lying? Maybe it's just my workplace, but it seems like lying is a pervasive problem. Starts as a "little white one" or an "exaggeration" and just escalates. It seems most "professionals", don't even realize that they are lying -- but by the time they reach that point, they are easy to identify. They have no credibilty.

I find that professional liars even make things up that they don't have to. They just "tell stories" because that's what they are accustom to doing.

Politicians are a perfect example. Look at this political season -- how many times do our representatives change their stories -- or spin a situation. And, it's often "excused". But, they aren't alone.

Lying stinks. I know people who are such well known liars that people who listen to them don't even believe anything they say -- from the simple to the profound -- including their spouses and children. Yuck.

The liars that I'm around even try to ask "trial closing" questions, to make themselves believe that you've bought into the lie. It's utterly ridiculous. How do these people live with themselves?

Why even bother opening your mouth, if no one believes anything you say??? I'm stupefied.

So, how, exactly do you call out a liar? I mean, how do you expose a lie, without just calling someone a liar? I know that Christians are supposed to "confront in love" but what about when you're dealing with nonbelievers?

Today I'm just at my limit for listening to the garbage. The really sad part is that when you're surrounded by people who lie, it's hard to believe anyone tells the truth.

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Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I love your GRRRRR label. Perfect.

The one time I REALLY remember calling out someone who lied, it wasn't pretty. There was some shouting and slamming of doors and my roommates were cowering beside a dresser. They still talk about it, 17 years later. :)