Thursday, July 10, 2008

My journey to authenticity

I am watching a TBS version of Sex and the City. The one where Sam has to give a breast cancer speech. As she's practicing the speech, Smith tells her that she seems stiff. He says that the most inspirational speeches are the ones where the speaker is authentic. "Keep it real."

It seems trite. Truly. But, it is now my inspiration for this blog. I want to be real. I want to live a "no-holds-barred" life. I want to be transparent. I want others to see the grace of God working itself out in me every day.

But, I am scared.

I like painting a perfect picture of myself for others to see. But, my life has not been lilly white. I wonder what others will think and if they will accept that I have -- and often -- fail miserably. So, this is my first step forward.

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